Lake Alexander Fishing Guide

Motley lakes area has so many quality lakes to choose from, sometimes it is difficult to decide which one to fish. You can’t go wrong with Lake Alexander. Todd Andrist is your go to Lake Alexander fishing guide. We can arrange to meet at the lake access, or pick up at your hotel, resort, or dock.

Lake Alexander Fishing Guide Data

Courtesy of Mn DNR

Lake Alexander is one of the most popular lakes in Morrison County. Besides being a scenic, clear-water lake, it supports a diverse fish community that offers a variety of angling opportunities. Alexander has abundant offshore structures and a reputation of better Walleye angling success at night or on overcast days. Three public accesses are located on the lake. Sand was the most common shallow water substrate found during the survey. The lake supports diverse vegetation beds that provide important fish habitat as well as shoreline protection from erosion. Some of the more common submergent plant species were clasping-leaf pondweed, coontail, and flat-stemmed pondweed.
The fish management focus for the lake is primarily Walleye with secondary management for Northern Pike, Muskellunge, Largemouth Bass, and Smallmouth Bass. A Northern Pike regulation was implemented in 2003 which requires the release of all pike between 24 and 36 inches with one over 36 inches allowed in possession. The objective of the regulation is to improve the pike population size structure.
Lake Alexander provides the potential for anglers to catch trophy size fish of several different species. Walleye are a much sought after species on Alexander and a variety of sizes were observed in both the 2014 summer survey and spring Muskellunge assessment. Although the summer survey Walleye catch was lower than the desired management goal, the catch rate was an increase from the last survey, near the long term average for the lake, and within the normal range when compared to similar type lakes. Walleye fry stocking has proven to be an inexpensive and viable method of sustaining the Walleye population and meeting fishing pressure demands on the lake.
Lake Alexander has lower Northern Pike numbers than many lakes in the Little Falls Area. Although summer survey results for Northern Pike were not that impressive, some nicer fish over five pounds were common in the spring Muskellunge assessment. Lake Alexander has also become a destination lake for Muskellunge anglers, who regularly report catching fish over 50 inches. The minimum size for Muskellunge was raised to 54 inches beginning with the 2015 season. Good numbers of both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass can be found in Lake Alexander and quality fish of both species have been documented.
Panfish species present include Black Crappie, Bluegill, hybrid sunfish, Pumpkinseed, and Rock Bass. Black Crappie provide a popular winter and spring fishery with fish over 13 inches available. Most of panfish tend to be small by anglers’ standards, but both Bluegill and Pumpkinseed over seven inches can be found.
Lake Alexander supports populations of all three bullhead species, however, Yellow Bullhead was the only species caught in the 2014 summer survey. Yellow Perch numbers continue to be low but Tullibee (Cisco) numbers appear to have improved and that species could be an important alternative prey species for game fish in the lake.
Fishermen and recreational boaters are reminded that they need to be diligent about cleaning both their boats and trailers when going between lakes to prevent the spread of exotics. Several exotics, including Eurasian Watermilfoil, grow in Lake Alexander. While a large portion of the watershed is forested, much of the lakeshore itself is developed. Good land use practices by landowners can play an important role to protect and improve the water quality of the lake.